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Welcome to
NZ's specialist Natural Organic
SkinCare, HairCare & HealthCare
online store for Kiwi Men.

We recognised a few years ago that there was a new generation of working Men that were evolving in the market place. This new breed of Men were health and environment conscious, technology savvy, career- minded and actually cared about themselves. They are better known as “Metro Men”.

Looking good is a key criteria for Metro Men and the basics to looking good is investing in SkinCare, HairCare and HealthCare. After some research in the local market we quickly concluded that most (SkinCare, HairCare and HealthCare) products available to the male consumer was supermarket quality and predominantly chemical based. Despite some of these supermarket SkinCare, HairCare and HealthCare brands claiming it had natural extracts in their products our research led us believe that there simply wasn’t a good range of Natural Organic alternatives for Men. We were convinced right there and then that we had to become that alternative source for Men to bring about these products in the SkinCare, HairCare and HealthCare space.

So we set off on this venture with extreme enthusiasm researching the global market for natural organic products for Men. We were also very conscious that Kiwi Metro Men came from different backgrounds with different skin tones, hair types and gene types. ManCare wanted to ensure we promoted reputable brands through our portfolio so men from all different backgrounds could benefit from our products including Maori, Polynesian, European, Indian, Asian and others.